Comica CVM-VS08 Microphone for Smartphones

Microphone for Smartphones

The Comica smartphone video Mic comes with super cardioid pattern,and the sound picking up area concentrates along the Mic's axis.Please target the mic to the audio source when you use this microphone;The optimal recording distance is about 5-10 feets,which takes you very good and clear audio.

While you put the earphone into the Mic's monitor connection,you can do "playback"audio monitor.
The Comica Mic is made of 100% Aluminum material,which brings you very good anti-interference effect and ensure the stable recording environment.

The clamp is used to fix the position of your smartphone to make sure it's stable enough for audio recording.When you use this microphone on iPhone 7 or above iPhone version, you need to use an adapter cable(Not included) to connect this microphone to your iPhone.

The Windscreen and Muff can efficiently filter the background noise,they will take you the ideal audio even in the high wind condition or atrocious weather from outdoor filming.
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