ASTRO Gaming A50 Wireless Dolby Gaming Headset

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Platform:Xbox One + PC | Edition:Headset

Total Immersion. We've streamlined the new A50 to make it the best completely remote buddy for your cutting edge reassure. Broadcasting in obstruction free remote 5 GHz, you'll encounter low idleness gameplay in Dolby Headphone Surround Sound. With the ASTRO Command Center programming, the A50 enables you to tune each information and yield parameter including mic level modifications and making your own EQ modes. The new accuracy blast amplifier is voice visit advanced for cutting edge consoles and highlights flip-up quiet usefulness. The A50 headset is lightweight, effectively customizable, and Mod Kit prepared, enabling you to change your headset by swapping segments like an engineered cowhide headband and ear pads for enhanced clamor disconnection. What's more, when you're set, the new Base Station makes charging and blending your headset easier than any time in recent memory.

A50 + Base Station Wireless Gaming Headset

The ASTRO A50 Wireless headset conveys top notch acoustics, ergonomics, and solidness that bad-to-the-bone gamers request. Experience unbelievable sound and execution without the burden and confinements that accompany wires. The all-new ASTRO Base Station includes a 5GHz remote transmitter that gives clear, low-dormancy voice correspondence, while making headset matching and charging straightforward. Fight through long, exceptional gaming sessions in comfort with up to 15 long periods of battery life. Hear foes and items from all edges with Dolby Headphone 7.1 encompass sound and enhance your talk levels and amusement sounds with the implicit MixAmp innovation. For much greater adaptability, the discretionary A50 Mod Kit enables clients to swap out the headband and ear pads for enhanced commotion cancelation and solace.

15 Hours of Battery Life

Attractive Charging

Over-the-Ear Design

EQ Presets


Jettison the links with certainty. ASTRO's remote innovation gives powerful, low-inactivity execution by working at a higher recurrence. This keeps you in consummate match up with your gameplay and wipes out impedance from different remote gadgets, enabling you to center around winning. No visit link required on any support.


Regardless of whether it's stereo or multi-channel encompass sound, the A50 conveys exact sound regardless of the source. Spatial situation and directivity are urgent in focused play and the A50 was built because of this. The final product is an exact, true to life gaming background that enables you to pinpoint different protests and sounds in a three-dimensional space.


Nobody enjoys a confused setup. The A50 headset naturally matches with the ASTRO Base Station for disappointment free availability, while attractive charging takes into consideration easy docking when the headset isn't being used. The Base Station's front show demonstrates battery life and charging status to guarantee you never stall out with a dead headset. The back 3.5mm information/yield bolsters extra sound sources, enabling you to accept telephone calls, overlay mood melodies, or yield your diversion sound and talk to outside catching gadgets.


The A50 offers multi-stage similarity, making it easy to switch amongst reassure and PC/Mac modes. PC gamers can get to the ASTRO Command Center programming by means of USB and alter different sound settings and levels as needs be. PC gamers can likewise adjust amusement sound and voice talk when utilizing separate visit applications, for example, Discord or Skype.


The creative ASTRO Command Center programming offers upgraded adaptability and control past default blend settings. The A50 has three new EQ presets (ASTRO, Pro, and Studio), which can likewise be gotten to by means of the headset for quick and simple determination. Clients can likewise freely modify information and yield levels, including Sidetone and Noise Gate. Profiles would then be able to be refreshed, spared, and shared. The product additionally gives programmed notice of item firmware refreshes when they wind up accessible.


ASTRO Gaming was considered in the pits of eSports competitions, so we know the significance of clean voice talk. The adaptable, sturdy receiver offered on the A50 gives clear, low clamor correspondence and is upgraded for Xbox One and PC/Mac. What's more, with the ASTRO Command Center programming, gamers can completely alter mouthpiece levels and different settings relying upon their condition and inclinations.


ASTRO headsets were intended for marathon gaming sessions. The ear pads highlight material for most extreme solace, sponsored with manufactured cowhide for the best acoustic execution. Wear glasses? Not an issue. The A50 highlights lightweight, yet tough development with premium materials for a weight free fit that won't overheat your head.


The A50 headset as of now gives awesome solace and sound out-of-the-crate, yet the discretionary A50 Mod Kit* (sold independently) enables clients to move up to engineered calfskin clamor scratching off ear pads and a cushioned headband. The pads give expanded commotion cancelation and utmost sound spillage for calm situations.
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