Mellow Sous Vide Precision Cooker

MAKE AMAZING MEALS SIMPLY: Mellow makes it easy to make stunning dinners utilizing sous-vide, a technique for moderate cooking in a temperature-controlled shower once restricted to top gourmet experts in the best eateries.

FROM ORDINARY COOK TO EXTRAORDINARY CHEF: Mellow's in-application right hand gourmet specialist with point by point formulas makes it simple to cook your feast to flawlessness without fail. Browse an expansive scope of classes, incorporating wellbeing cognizant dinners with uncommon taste.

Dinners READY WHEN YOU ARE, WITHOUT THE FUSS: Let Mellow know when you need your feast to be prepared, and after that drop it into the cool water shower. Chill the water shower early utilizing the Pre-Cooling highlight or promptly utilizing the Add Ice include. Smooth's protected refrigeration will keep the sustenance securely chilled until it's prepared to begin cooking, and after that consequently warms the water at the correct time so your feast is prepared when you are.

Spare TIME AND ENERGY: Everything you have to make astonishing dinners in one smooth arrangement. Simple clean exclusive twofold walled water holder with productive warming and cooling help keep cleanup straightforward and vitality charges low.

Remain FLEXIBLE. Running late? Worked in wifi network enables you to alter your Mellow's temperature and cooking time on your cell phone from anyplace. Accessible on iPhone or Android.

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