Holga Digital Camera

Sensor: 1/3.2" inch high unique, low clamor CMOS shading sensor Resolution: 8 super pixels

Picture Ratio: 4:3 or 1:1

Opening Selection: F2.8 or F8.0

Screen: Speed 1/60 sec.

Bolster stand SD card and WIFI SD card

Item depiction

The Holga camera was at first acquainted with the Chinese open in 1982 as a modest camera for ordinary utilize. Not long after its presentation, it turned into an underground masterful wonder. Utilizing the Holga is an activity in breaking free from reliance on innovation, accuracy and controllability. The slight delicate quality of the pictures, vignette and arbitrary light holes deliver dream-like, stand-out pictures. The Holga 120N is designed according to the first Holga discharged in 1982. Highlights - Uses 120 medium configuration film - 2 film veils for either 12-6x6 cm pictures or 16-6x4.5cm pictures - Normal shade setting 1/100 of a moment and globule screen setting - 2 gap settings, f/11 for bright, f/8 for overcast - Hot-shoe connector.

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