Waylens Horizon HD Dash Camera System with GPS and OBD2 performance data

While driving, the Horizon system takes great care to capture everything it can about your vehicle including its location, absolute orientation in space, stereo audio, and atmospheric pressure.

A circular OLED 286ppi display, 10Hz GPS, 9-axis motion sensor, and car performance data are automatically overlaid on video to tell a more compelling driving story.

Advanced H.264 compression, flexible rate control with multiple stream coding, Slow-motion video (720p HD @ 120 fps) and time-lapse video.

Waylens free mobile app records time of your vehicle’s 0-30mph/0-60mph acceleration with accuracy up to 0.01 seconds; Lap Timer feature uses GPS to track and map lap times.

Plug and play vehicle performance data including G-force, Pitch & Roll, Boost, and other critical parameters are gathered by the OBD-II data module.

Product description
The Waylens Horizon is an automotive camera system beautifully designed to amplify your fun behind the wheel. With a full aluminum body and 7-element lens assembly combined with a circular OLED display, it breaks the rules of traditional boxy action cameras to enhance any car’s interior. Capture high-quality and high-speed video at 1080p/60fps with ease. Hop behind the wheel any time of day or night thanks to the state-of-the-art CMOS sensor that captures more light—providing sharper, brighter, more effective video. The Horizon system allows drivers to easily capture, edit, and share interesting moments—in real time—right from the road with its innovative camera, OBD-II transmitter, remote, and mobile app.

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