Monday, March 12, 2018

Vi Sport Headphones with A.I. Personal Trainer Inside. 4-in-1 Value. Heart Rate Monitor, Fitness Tracker, Harman Kardon Bluetooth Headset, Personal Coach. Vi’s voice inspires and guides your workouts

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Tracking, Training, Music, Heart Rate, All in One Premium Harman Kardon BT Sports Headphones. Get REAL-TIME Audio Feedback, just by asking Vi "How's it hanging with me?"

Vi is the First, True Artificial Intelligence Audio Coach to join all that you have to set and pulverize your objectives, that banters with you in a human voice.

Awesome AEROSPACE-GRADE BIOSENSORS like heart rate, movement, rise, and vicinity pressed in agreeable, lightweight, and adaptable earphones.

Throughout the day battery life makes VI the ideal sidekick from the workplace to the track with wonderful sound and lucidity.

Interface with the Free VI Fitness App to breathe life into her and to survey advance, set your objectives, and tweak her. Watch the video to hear her genuine voice.

Vi is an AI fitness coach that lives in biosensing headphones for Running, Treadmill, Walking, and Cycling. She will track your action, continually learn and mentor you to real outcomes - all conveyed through lovely solid controlled by Harman Kardon. With highlights like heart rate observing, GPS, rhythm and speed tracking, you can feel certain about your exercise. Regardless of whether you're attempting to run your initial 5K or endeavoring to shave a moment off your best time, Vi adjusts to your fitness level and customizes an exercise for you. Set your objective; Vi will ensure you get there. You will forget that she is an AI and instantly think about her as a genuine exercise sidekick! She talks delightfully and reacts to your voice charges! In addition, Vi's aviation review biosensors imply you're getting more accurate estimations than numerous other wearable available today!

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