Torch Coat Heater Wearable Heating Technology

About the product
First Removable Coat Heater- (patents pending). Torch is the world’s first portable winter jacket heater.

Battery Operated- Torch is a battery operated heater specifically designed to fit seamlessly inside your coat.

Up to 5 Hours Per Charge- Torch is fully rechargeable, with 4 heat settings and can keep you warm and happy for up to 5 hours on a single charge. Turn it on when you’re cold, and off when you’re working harder and your body is producing heat.
Enjoy Winter- Hunting, skiing, snowboarding, hiking, running, ice fishing, whatever you like to do outdoors. Instantly and easily transform your coat into a heated coat so you can go outdoors and enjoy the beauty of winter and stay warm the whole time.
Fits any Style Coat- Our heater comes with 3 installation kits so you can fit it in 3 jackets. All brands supported, North Face, Columbia, Peak Performance, Pacific Trail- we fit them all.

Product Description
Torch (Patent Pending) is touted as the World’s First and only Universal Coat Heater and truly is the most versatile and sophisticated body heating technology on the market. Torch is a battery operated heater that provides up to 5 hours of heat and has 4 heat settings to perfectly control your body temperature. Torch is specifically designed to fit seamlessly inside virtually any style coat, and can then be used interchangeably between your coats.

Torch is great for any occasion you may need a little extra warmth. Torch wraps around your core and provides comfortable heat that lasts. Physically, warming your body increases blood flow that helps improve your range of motion, muscle efficiency, and your overall performance; all while decreasing stiffness, sensitivity, and the likelihood of injury. Mentally, the warmth will help you stay out longer and happier.

Torch fits men and women coats of all styles and sizes, making it accessible to anyone. There is no need to buy another coat, simply install Torch in the coats you already have and enjoy the heat. With the unmatched versatility and the extremely thin yet durable construction, Torch is perfect for travelling, snowboarding, skiing, hunting, fishing, snowmobiling, motorcycling, hiking, camping and cold sporting events.

Safe Heat that Lasts
Torch is powered by a rechargeable 7.4 Volt, 2600 mah Lithium Ion battery with smart safety features. Enjoy heat that can last up to 5 hours on single charge (5 hours on low and 2-3 hours on High), and choose between 4 heat settings to get the temperature just right.

Thin and Durable
Torch is a series of 3 very thin, lightweight and durable heat pads that can reach temperatures up to 135 degrees. The thin pads make Torch virtually unnoticeable in coats and the durable construction means you can fall in it or crash in it without worry.

Installs in Seconds
Grab a coat with a smooth liner, whether it’s your pea coat, suit coat, camouflage coat, or snowboarding coat. Then simply peel and stick the velcro installation kit into your coat. Now you can attach your Torch and crank the heat! The velcro pads allow you to easily remove your Torch and pass it to another coat in seconds. Torch comes with 3 installation kits so you can pass your Torch between 3 of your favorite coats.

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