Solar Paper + Pouch, Paper-thin and Light Portable Solar Charger with Ultra-High-Efficiency (5W)

Product description
New innovations in portable solar technology magnetic solar panel connections: Unlike other chargers which have fixed connections between panels which tend to experience wear and tear (and therefore lose efficiency), solar paper's magnetic connections reduce wear and tear to an absolute minimum. In addition, they enable very easy charger upgrades: Simply click in two additional panels to achieve an increased capacity of 5w. With all other options, you'd have to buy an entirely new device. Lcd screen: For solar paper, we've included an lcd amp meter that shows exactly how much current is flowing from the charger to your device at any time. We wouldn't include this lcd if we were not absolutely confident about our technology and our product. No false advertising. No false promises. Also, by monitoring the current display on the lcd screen you can ensure the best possible angle for faster charging. Dramatically improved design: Until now, solar chargers have either been bulky and heavy or inefficient. 'Solar paper' is a design revolution in the portable solar charger market. As well as being more efficient and robust enough for the outdoor market, the charger weighs only 4oz and is super portable. YOLK is an innovative solar power company. We recently launched "solar paper, the world's thinnest and lightest solar charger" and got funded over $1 million dollars. With our highly advanced technology, solar energy will not be limited for users that enjoy outdoor activities. Our goal is bringing solar technology into everyone's daily life.

Solar Paper takes only 2 hours to fully charge smartphone on a sunny day
Charge your devices anywhere under the Sun.

Solar Paper is a great energy generator for outdoor activities, traveling, and disasters, or even on daily lives.

Hang Solar Paper on Backpack
Charge any device anytime, anywhere. Holes are for connectors and strings that will hold panels intact together.

Easily Expandable using Magnets
Magnets allow more sub-panels to be connected together. Solar Paper can generate bigger power with more panels.

Water Resistant
Solar Paper has protection from dust or splashing water(IP54). However, USB part is susceptible to corrosion, so make sure to dry it well.

Devices like tablet PC requires bigger power than a smartphone. To charge table PC, choose solar paper 10W, or simply add two sub-panels if you already have 5W.

Other models, such as sub-panel (2.5W), 7.5W (1 main+ 2 sub panels), and 10W (1 main + 3 sub panels) can be also bought through Amazon.

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Solar Paper + Pouch, Paper-thin and Light Portable Solar Charger with Ultra-High-Efficiency (5W) Solar Paper + Pouch, Paper-thin and Light Portable Solar Charger with Ultra-High-Efficiency (5W) Reviewed by on March 08, 2018 Rating: 5

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