RideAir - The Effortless Air Pump. Portable Air Can for Bike Tires and Tubeless Seating

While out on the road there’s no doubt that faffing about with a hand pump is one of the more annoying things in cycling.

Pressurized CO2 canisters have been around for a while to help you with that exact problem, but replenishing your supplies can be expensive and after few days, another charge is inevitable, as CO2 evaporates out quickly.

Now there’s RideAir, a refillable and portable air capsule that lets you inflate bicycle tires at a push of a button. An effortless air supply for the cyclist's daily use and emergencies.

RideAir is the perfect solution for tubeless tires and can also be used for many additional applications such as: Strollers, Wheelchair, Balls, Inflatable toys, etc.

Once charged with a standard air compressor (in any gas station or bike shop) or with floor pump, RideAir capsule is ready for use. RideAir is designed to easily be placed in any water bottle holder on your bike. It also comes equipped with a gauge for the capsule pressure indication and a combination lock to keep the RideAir where it belongs.
The functionality of the capsule is simple: To inflate a tire, you screw the hose onto the valve (Presta or Schrader) and press the silver button on the RideAir to release all or part of the compressed air. To charge the RideAir again just flip open the rubber lid, and using a compressor or floor pump, pressurize the RideAir up to 230 PSI (16 Bar). You can then safely store the canister until you need it.

Tubeless Seating Made Easy

The RideAir Compressed Air Capsule is perfect for seating tubeless tires, replacing CO2 cartridges, and facilitating fast inflation in pit-stop race scenarios. Release the air into the tubeless tire, to create a sudden rush of air that would pop the tire bead into the rim.

The Best E-bike Solution

Riding your bike with soft tire will dramatically decrease your e-bike power efficiency. Furthermore, dragging your e-bike with a flat will probably damage your tire to the point it will need to be changed. RideAir can give you the extra mile you need for your e-bike!

Carry it With You Anywhere

RideAir will always be there for you! It’s generically designed to fit any bicycle bottle holder, and with the integrated metal cable lock – you can rest assured that your RideAir is completely safe.

Refill and Stop Wasting Money on CO2

We love our planet! The RideAir capsule can be easily refilled using any air-compressor in any gas station. No more searching for the nearest bike shop every time you have a flat.

Quick and Efforless

As riders, we love to bike but hate pumping air into our tires. As Murphy’s Law demands, our tires will always disappoint us when least expected. Let’s get prepared. No more hassle. No more sweat. No more frustration.

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RideAir - The Effortless Air Pump. Portable Air Can for Bike Tires and Tubeless Seating RideAir - The Effortless Air Pump. Portable Air Can for Bike Tires and Tubeless Seating Reviewed by NewGadgets.us on March 08, 2018 Rating: 5

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