Premium Tool Pen by Mininch, EDC Multi-Tool Screwdriver, Interchangeable Phillips, Flathead, Hex, and Star Bolt

Premium Tool Pen by Mininch | EDC Multi-Tool Screwdriver | Interchangeable Phillips, Flathead, Hex, and Star Bolt 

EDC tools are becoming more and more popular, and for good reason. Throughout our busy lives, we find little problems that could be easily fixed, but lack the means to fix them there and then. Those little problems can turn into something major without proper attention, and having an EDC tool helps to prevent those issues from becoming worse.

Mininch's line of EDC tools is meant to be as utilitarian as possible, cramming as many tools and components as necessary into neatly organized, portable, and aesthetically pleasing tools for your every day carry. Don't let a loose screw turn into a full replacement - keep everything together with a Mininch Multitool!

For Problem Solvers
The Mininch Tool pen is the perfect tool for fixing those small things that you would normally forget about. Whether it's a loose screw on your computer, eyeglasses, cell phone, or any other small appliance, the tool pen comes with a load of bits that are great for philips, flathead, and even hex/star bolts. Available in both metric and imperial sizes.

Sleek and Precise
Being lightweight and small, the Mininch tool pen can be used on a wide variety of items. No larger than your average pen, the Mininch tool pen, paired with the precisely machined edges and corners, creates a useful multi-tool that both looks and feels great in your hands.

Quick and Easy
Stop wasting time finding the right bit! Every bit is labeled with the size, which is viewable from the side window on the tool pen. This makes it much easier to find the bit size that you need. 

Anywhere, Anytime
Portable in just about every way imaginable, you'll be ready for just about any task at hand. Don't carry large, bulky multi-tools that have dozens of unused features - the mininch tool pen was designed so that everything included has purpose in your day to day life. 

Variety of Size
Available in both full and mini sizes, there is a mininch tool pen for just about everything! While the standard size is for items with larger screws and bits, the tool pen Mini is perfect for your small appliances and electronics. 

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