Phone Ring Holder Attachable to Magnet, SINJIMORU Phone Grip Holder, kickstand Attachable to Ringo’s Belly Button, Magnetic Car Mount or Phone Mount for iPhone and Android Smartphones. RINGO, Black

Phone Ring Holder Attachable

About Us
​Sinjimoru established in 2008, Sinjimoru keeps developing and offering innovative products on smartphone accessories, and our entire product range is being loved all around the world. The usability and beauty are the underlying philosophy of our products or our brand. To fulfill our goals and improvements, we always make an effort to achieve the best possible satisfaction of the customers.

​Ringo is patented smartphone ring holder that plays essential roles including grips, mounts, and stands. This tiny yet multi-functional phone ring made of high-quality materials to provide best products in competitive smartphone accessories market.

​Ringo is an innovative smartphone ring holder which can rotate 360 degrees and swivels 180 degrees. Ringo’s new design allows its user to cover the much wider range with one hand when compared to conventional ring holder. Ringo can effectively reduce the chance of any damages from dropping your phone! Hold your smartphone without any anxiety after attaching Ringo on your smartphone.

Secure Smartphone Grip
Sinjimoru Ringo keeps your hand comfortable while using iPhone or Android smartphone for long hours and effectively reduce the risk of dropping the Phone.

In the product package, there are two different types of adhesive sticker have included. The gel pad is already installed on the Ringo which is re-usable and washable. If you want to have more strong adhesiveness than users can replace the gel pad to 3M adhesive. However, both gel pad and 3M adhesive sticker might not work well with silicon protective cases, and it might not work on the oily surface.

Use it as Car Phone holder
Ringo enables mounting smartphones with Ringo's Belly Button or other magnetic products such as magnetic car mounts or smartphone holders.

Multi-Functional Ringstand
Ringo is designed to provide comfortable hand-free experience with various smartphones. Experience our pioneering Ringstand that will undoubtedly lead to a more convenient mobile lifestyle.

Attachable to Magnets
The most innovative features of Ringo is it's not only a phone ring holder, but it also works as a phone mount when adopting it to any magnetic devices.

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