Open Sesame HNAOS01 Smartphone Door Opener Remote Control, Small, Black

Open Sesame HNAOS01 Smartphone Door Opener Remote Control

Transform your iPhone or android phone in to a garage remote
Super easy installation
Works without Wi-Fi connection
Pair as many smartphones as you like
You can still use your original garage remote as you like

About Creators of Open Sesame - H&A
Founded in 2011 as a software development company, H&A have found their niche in mobile application development, and more recently, hardware design as well. Their vision is to utilize the best that technology has to offer to make everyday life easier. Technology can do wonders in our lives, but is often confusing and inconvenient for the regular person. This is where H&A come to play designing and developing useful and user-friendly applications, they bring the best and latest in technology into your hands, ready and easy to use. To date, the applications developed by H&A have reached over 1.5 million in downloads!

Product description
Open Sesame garage door opener is a combination of two things: A tiny Bluetooth box and a smart phone application that controls your garage door via a Bluetooth box. For the price of a single regular garage remote, you can now have as many remotes as the smartphones in your household.

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