Mass Fidelity Core 120W Portable Hi-Fi Wireless Speaker System in Black with Holographic Sound and iOS/Android Compatibility

Mass Fidelity Core 120W Portable Hi-Fi Wireless Speaker System

About the product
Uncanny Sound – Fill any room stunning cinematic sound. Smooth highs, crystal clear midrange and bone-shaking bass will change your audio experience forever.

Easy Wireless Connections – Connect to any Bluetooth equipped smartphone, tablet or PC. No new apps, networks or accounts to enable. Just connect and Enjoy.

High Power Bluetooth – Using High Power Class 1 Bluetooth receiver technology, the Core provides a powerful range and minimizes dropouts. Enjoy your music with a stable, strong and glitch free connection.

Product Description
Introducing a wireless sound system designed to be the core of your musical universe. Unlike traditional wireless and portable sound systems, the Core delivers a wide stereo presentation where every listener in the room is submerged in a multi-dimensional holographic stereo sound field. Utilizing "Wave Field Synthesis" and multi-room capabilities, the Core is astonishing in both size and sound quality resulting in an entirely new way of listening.

Huge Stereo Sound From Just One Little Box
The Core sounds like two widely spaced high-end speakers, wherever you are in the room - not just in one small "sweet spot." It fills even large rooms with deep, rich sound making listening to music more fun for you and your friends. 

One Touch Multi-room
Enjoy the great sound of the Core in up to 8 rooms. There's no need for a wireless router or an app to get music throughout your home. A button push (and more than one Core) is all it takes. 

Holographic Sound
The Core uses advanced "Wave Field Synthesis" technology to produce virtual acoustic images so that everyone in the room hears the same big stereo sound.

Effortless Wireless
The Core uses high fidelity Bluetooth to stream any format of music from your smart device. You won't need an app or Wi-Fi; just connect and enjoy!

12-hour Battery Life

With the Core's compact size and up to 12-hour battery life you can bring It with you anywhere you want to hear great sounding music - music that you can share with your friends.

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