goTenna - Text & GPS on your phone, no service required

"The eventual fate of off-lattice communication." 
- Outside Magazine. 

"goTenna makes its own network customized for mass-crises." 
- FOX News. 

"Make a cell network out of nowhere anyplace on Earth." 
- CNET. 

Radio + Smartphone = Intelligence 

goTenna gadgets pair to customary smartphones by means of a basic informing app. Sort a message, send a GPS area, and access free disconnected maps for the entire world through the goTenna app. 

goTenna gadgets dispose of channel-switching and interference, and offer conveyance receipts, private 1-to-1 or gathering talks, and open communicates. The fate of off-framework communications is here. 


Send private, encoded 1-to-1 and gatherings visits, or communicate freely to any goTenna close-by. 

Disconnected Maps 

Download free nitty gritty disconnected maps (accessible for the entire world)! 

Area Sharing 

Offer GPS areas with trusted contacts so you can stay connected on any experience. 

Conveyance Confirmation 

Know whether your messages were effectively conveyed — no mystery!

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