FIBARO Flood Sensor ZW3

The Ultimate Z-wave water leak sensor/detector, with temperature and tilt sensor.

Get alerted immediately on your smart phone, tablet, or email when there is a leak. Trigger certain lights, activate specific scenes or even sirens to activate if there is a threat.

Three 24K plated gold telescoping feat always make sure its making contact even on uneven surfaces and never corrodes. Built for longevity.

Built in temperature sensor alerts through your smart hub's app and visually/ audibly at sensor if there is a sudden rise or fall in temperature.

Z-Wave Certifed Sensor: Certification ID ZC08-14070006 / Frequency Region: U.S./Canada/Mexico, Z-Wave Library Version: 4.55.00 **NOT HomeKit Compatible.

Product description
TILT SENSOR Detects tilt and movement over 15 degrees. It will also alert you of any attempt to move or tamper with the device. ALARM SIREN Built in alarm siren will help you react quickly in case of a flood, rapid temperature change, or attempt to tamper with it.

TELESCOPIC PROBES Fibaro Flood Sensor is the only one in the World to perfectly work on uneven surfaces thanks to gold telescopic probes, which are flexible enough to compensate for uneven surface levels. IN / OUT Input terminal allows for connecting an external probe and installing the sensor in any location. Output terminal allows for connection to an alarm system.

VISUAL INDICATOR LIGHT Aside from the alarm siren, the device can alert you of a threat using colour displays from the built in RGB diode. TAMPER PREVENTION Specially designed enclosure contains a tamper button, protecting it from being opened unintentionally. BATTERY POWERED A single battery is enough to power the Sensor for 2.5 years. TEMPERATURE SENSOR Built in temperature sensor may be used to manage a floor heating system or serve as a fire alarm sensor, by detecting rapid temperature rise.

Hard wired Power or battery You can power the Flood Sensor by 12/24 VDC or a battery which will last 2,5 years The Sensor allows for integration with almost any available wired alarm system on the market. The Sensor allows for sending alarm notifications via wires or wirelessly. Visual Colour Display One look is enough to find out what happened, thanks to the coloured indicator light. Depending on the Flood Sensor's built-in LED illuminated colour, you will know whether the Sensor has detected water, or a decrease / increase in temperature. With its built-in Z-Wave range tester you can easily determine whether the place you chose for the Sensor allows for communicating with the main controller or maybe you will have to use an external wired probe, to ensure the Sensor's proper operation.

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