Cubelets TWELVE robot blocks

About the product
Cubelets are a fast and easy way to inspire kids to become better thinkers
Includes two each of the Drive and Distance blocks and one each of Rotate, Flashlight, Brightness, Blocker, Inverse, Passive, Bluetooth, and Battery blocks
Two Brick Adapters allow for connection to your favorite brick-based construction kits
Battery Cubelet provides hours of continuous play. Micro-USB charging cable included.
Classroom-ready lesson plans, activities, and robot recipes to get started available online!

Thought-Provoking Robot Blocks
Cubelets are a fast and easy way to inspire kids to become better thinkers.
Cubelets robot blocks make robot building remarkably simple. There's no wrong way to build with Cubelets just snap the robot blocks together and see what robot behaviors emerge.3

Making With Magnets
With Cubelets, you can build delightful robots that respond to the world around them. Create a light-chasing robot or proximity-sensing flashlight. Build thousands of thought-provoking robots with the Cubelets Twelve!

Branch Out With Bluetooth
The included Bluetooth Cubelet contains a tiny Bluetooth radio that you can pair with your iOS and Android phone, tablet or Mac/PC. Connecting your Cubelets with Bluetooth opens up remote controlled robot creations to learn through play.

Thousands of Constructive Combinations
You don’t need to know how to code or wire to construct robots with Cubelets. Snap the robot blocks together and the magnetic faces do the rest. Every unique arrangement is a new robot with novel behaviors emerging from the construction. Invention made easy.
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