Thursday, May 10, 2018

ASTRO Gaming A50 Wireless Dolby Gaming Headset

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Item portrayal

Platform:Xbox One + PC | Edition:Headset

Total Immersion. We've streamlined the new A50 to make it the best completely remote buddy for your cutting edge reassure. Broadcasting in obstruction free remote 5 GHz, you'll encounter low idleness gameplay in Dolby Headphone Surround Sound. With the ASTRO Command Center programming, the A50 enables you to tune each information and yield parameter including mic level modifications and making your own EQ modes. The new accuracy blast amplifier is voice visit advanced for cutting edge consoles and highlights flip-up quiet usefulness. The A50 headset is lightweight, effectively customizable, and Mod Kit prepared, enabling you to change your headset by swapping segments like an engineered cowhide headband and ear pads for enhanced clamor disconnection. What's more, when you're set, the new Base Station makes charging and blending your headset easier than any time in recent memory.

A50 + Base Station Wireless Gaming Headset

The ASTRO A50 Wireless headset conveys top notch acoustics, ergonomics, and solidness that bad-to-the-bone gamers request. Experience unbelievable sound and execution without the burden and confinements that accompany wires. The all-new ASTRO Base Station includes a 5GHz remote transmitter that gives clear, low-dormancy voice correspondence, while making headset matching and charging straightforward. Fight through long, exceptional gaming sessions in comfort with up to 15 long periods of battery life. Hear foes and items from all edges with Dolby Headphone 7.1 encompass sound and enhance your talk levels and amusement sounds with the implicit MixAmp innovation. For much greater adaptability, the discretionary A50 Mod Kit enables clients to swap out the headband and ear pads for enhanced commotion cancelation and solace.

15 Hours of Battery Life

Attractive Charging

Over-the-Ear Design

EQ Presets


Jettison the links with certainty. ASTRO's remote innovation gives powerful, low-inactivity execution by working at a higher recurrence. This keeps you in consummate match up with your gameplay and wipes out impedance from different remote gadgets, enabling you to center around winning. No visit link required on any support.


Regardless of whether it's stereo or multi-channel encompass sound, the A50 conveys exact sound regardless of the source. Spatial situation and directivity are urgent in focused play and the A50 was built because of this. The final product is an exact, true to life gaming background that enables you to pinpoint different protests and sounds in a three-dimensional space.


Nobody enjoys a confused setup. The A50 headset naturally matches with the ASTRO Base Station for disappointment free availability, while attractive charging takes into consideration easy docking when the headset isn't being used. The Base Station's front show demonstrates battery life and charging status to guarantee you never stall out with a dead headset. The back 3.5mm information/yield bolsters extra sound sources, enabling you to accept telephone calls, overlay mood melodies, or yield your diversion sound and talk to outside catching gadgets.


The A50 offers multi-stage similarity, making it easy to switch amongst reassure and PC/Mac modes. PC gamers can get to the ASTRO Command Center programming by means of USB and alter different sound settings and levels as needs be. PC gamers can likewise adjust amusement sound and voice talk when utilizing separate visit applications, for example, Discord or Skype.


The creative ASTRO Command Center programming offers upgraded adaptability and control past default blend settings. The A50 has three new EQ presets (ASTRO, Pro, and Studio), which can likewise be gotten to by means of the headset for quick and simple determination. Clients can likewise freely modify information and yield levels, including Sidetone and Noise Gate. Profiles would then be able to be refreshed, spared, and shared. The product additionally gives programmed notice of item firmware refreshes when they wind up accessible.


ASTRO Gaming was considered in the pits of eSports competitions, so we know the significance of clean voice talk. The adaptable, sturdy receiver offered on the A50 gives clear, low clamor correspondence and is upgraded for Xbox One and PC/Mac. What's more, with the ASTRO Command Center programming, gamers can completely alter mouthpiece levels and different settings relying upon their condition and inclinations.


ASTRO headsets were intended for marathon gaming sessions. The ear pads highlight material for most extreme solace, sponsored with manufactured cowhide for the best acoustic execution. Wear glasses? Not an issue. The A50 highlights lightweight, yet tough development with premium materials for a weight free fit that won't overheat your head.


The A50 headset as of now gives awesome solace and sound out-of-the-crate, yet the discretionary A50 Mod Kit* (sold independently) enables clients to move up to engineered calfskin clamor scratching off ear pads and a cushioned headband. The pads give expanded commotion cancelation and utmost sound spillage for calm situations.
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Monday, May 7, 2018

Belkin 12-Outlet Pivot-Plug Power Strip Surge Protector

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Belkin 12-Outlet Pivot-Plug Power Strip Surge Protector with 8-Foot Power Cord, 4320 Joules (BP112230-08)

Item portrayal 

Size:8 Feet | Style:Standard 

The Belkin 12-Outlet Surge Protector shields your electronic gadgets from surges and spikes. This 4320-Joule surge defender highlights 12 surge-secured outlets to give capable assurance to your workstations, printers, broadband modems, home theater frameworks and regular family hardware. It includes a rope administration framework that helps keep links sorted out, and a turning outlet configuration to permit additional space for substantial AC connector squares. 

Surge Protection For up to 12 Devices 

Key Features: 

1. Eight-foot substantial obligation control rope. 

2. Ensured/Grounded pointers. 

3. Four general surge-ensured outlets. 

4. Eight turning surge-ensured outlets. 

5. Coaxial insurance. 

6. 1-in, 2-out RJ11 phone/fax insurance. 

Diminished Electromagnetic Interference 

Basic power filtration on this surge defender lessens electromagnetic obstruction (EMI) and radio recurrence impedance (RFI) to square undesirable line clamor, guaranteeing better execution of your hardware. It likewise averts hardware lockup. 

Ensures Against Spikes and Fluctuations 

With the Belkin 12-Outlet Surge Protector, you never need to stress over things like power spikes or tempests harming your profitable gadgets. Astute hardware with worked in voltage detecting recognizes and reacts to your gadget's energy needs, while security highlights guarantee that your gadgets are ensured. Just connect the surge defender to any AC divider outlet and associate your gadget to guard it from surges, lightning strikes, and AC sullying. 

Surge Protection For up to 12 Devices 

The Belkin 12-Outlet Surge Protector shields your electronic gadgets from surges and spikes. This 4320-Joule surge defender highlights 12 surge-secured outlets to give intense assurance to your workstations, printers, broadband modems, home theater frameworks and regular family unit hardware. It includes a rope administration framework that helps keep links sorted out, and a pivoting outlet configuration to permit additional space for huge AC connector squares. 

Pointers Show When You're Protected 

With the Belkin 12-Outlet Pivot-Plug Surge Protector, you don't need to figure regardless of whether your electronic gadgets are secured against harming voltage changes, surges and spikes. The 'Ensured' pointer light swings green to tell you your hardware is secure, while the 'Grounded' marker gives you genuine feelings of serenity that your outlet is legitimately grounded. 

Overwhelming Duty Eight-Foot Power Cord 

Secure your associated gadgets while keeping your energy surge defender off the beaten path because of an eight-foot control line. Its substantial obligation configuration shields the rope from harm and guarantees ideal power stream to your gadgets. 

Insurance for Cable Box/Satellite and Telephone/Fax 

The Belkin 12-Outlet Surge Protector highlights coaxial link insurance to defend link box/satellite associations, and 1-in, 2-out RJ11 phone/fax security to guarantee open and ceaseless telephone line associations. What's more, larger than usual Metal Oxide Varistors (MOVs) retain overabundance power, and harm safe lodging shields circuits from flame, effect and rust while avoiding imprints and scratches. 

Adaptable Space-Saving Design with Pivoting Outlets 

Perfect for a home office, amusement focus or any stay with various electronic gadgets, the Belkin 12-Outlet Pivot-Plug Surge Protector has a slim, space-sparing outline. A sum of eight of the outlets turn so they can suit bigger power connectors, as larger than average printer and charger plugs, without blocking different outlets. The rope administration framework lifts and bolts to keep links perfect and without tangle.

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AUKEY 30000mAh Power Bank

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Item Description

Energize with a Lightning Cable

The AUKEY PB-N39 Power Bank can be energized utilizing either Lightning link or small scale USB link. Presently you can helpfully utilize a similar link to charge your telephone and outside battery.

General Charging Compatibility

Keep your gadgets accused in a hurry of double USB charging ports. Furnished with worked in electric lamp and LED battery marker. Intended to work with all prevalent USB controlled gadgets from iPhones to Android telephones, tablets, photography outfit, Bluetooth speakers, earphones and that's just the beginning. Whatever USB controlled rigging you have, we have you secured.

Versatile AiPower

Tuned to help more advantageous battery work and quicker USB charging speeds, AiPower cleverly alters control yield to coordinate the extraordinary charging needs of all your USB controlled apparatus. With up to 2.4A of committed versatile yield per Ai USB port, your gadgets will each get the most secure greatest energize rate conceivable. Propelled hardware and implicit shields ensure your gadgets against unreasonable current, overheating, and over charging.

Battery Indicator Light

Press the power catch once to check the rest of the battery level. Battery level is shown by the shade of the LED pointer light. green battery pointer light means your Power Bank is charging, when it achieves 100% the light will turn white.

Red 0 - 30%

Green 30% - 70%

White 70% - 100%


Limit: 30000mAh

Lightning Input: 5V 2A

Small scale USB Input: 5V 2A

Yield 1│2 (AiPower): 5V 2.4A for each port

Measurements: 5.9" x 3.3" x 1.14"

Weight: 19.1 oz
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Friday, May 4, 2018

GameSir T1s Bluetooth Gaming Controller 2.4G Wireless Gamepad for Android

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Item Description

GameSir T1s Gamepad for Windows + Android + PS3

Experience the improved solace and feel of the GameSir T1s Bluetooth Controller, highlighting weight touchy D-cushion, 360-degree without-no man's land simple joysticks of high sensibility, one of a kind plan of triggers R2/L2 and twofold stun vibration, Built-in 600mAh polymer lithium battery goes on for 18 hours in typical condition, programmed rest mode is a power saver.

Bolster Multi-Platforms Devices: It's a bluetooth controller, PC gaming controller, likewise it's the PlayStation 3 controller.

Working Modes: Android Standard/X-input/Mouse Simulation/PS3

Association Types: Bluetooth 4.0/2.4Ghz USB dongle/Wired

Note: Xbox, PS4, Windows tablet, Mac, Apple TV, iOS gadgets are not upheld.

Alongside Realtek Bluetooth 4.0 innovation

Functions admirably with Android 4.0 and later cell phone, for example, Samsung, HTC, MI, LG, HUAWEI, and so on.

Functions admirably with TV BOX, keen TV like Fire TV, Samsung TV. Additionally the tablet and Gear VR.

Worked in 2.4Ghz remote USB dongle association

Functioning admirably with Windows PC gadgets (Windows 7/8/8.1/10, or above variant), PS3.

Additionally you can associate your gadgets by wired USB in the event that you like

Double vibration engines and Auto-Fire Turbo

T1s makes the vibration force and vibration recurrence alteration progresses toward becoming reality.

Double vibration engines. Sensible vibration and striking, each hit, crash and blast can be distinctively felt.

Select your coveted catch and Turbo key to making a move particularly in shooting amusements.

Turbo work empowers to have more productive gaming background, soothe exhaustion of your hands, and expand strength.

Worked in section and 2.4GHz and remote USB dongle

With two movable edges (Multi-Angle, 110 degrees and 150 degrees) can be utilized as an individual versatile holder for 3.5~6-inch cell phones.

Worked in 2.4GHz remote USB dongle, working extremely awesome with Windows PC, Steam, PS3 and Android TV BOX.

Ergonomic Design

The general catch design completely fits in with Ergonomics, making activity easily and effectively.

Influences your telephone to end up a portable reassure, you can play recreations whenever anyplace!

More video on YouTube(GameSir World)
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Tuesday, April 24, 2018

GODOX LED Video Light Mobilephone Lighting for Camera

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LEDM32 Mini Light is brilliant for a wide range of portable phones.With the light weight and helpful activity.

Amazing LED bulbs,Built-in lithium battery,and illuminate over 45 minutes from the battery.

Delicate and even illumination,Adjustable light brightness,With the optical control streak fire work.

With a lightweight and compact body,fit any cell phones

Mobilephone Lighting LEDM32.

Item depiction

Specialized Data

Driven Light:LEDM32

Worked in Lithium Battery:3.7V 300mA Lithium Battery


Shading Temperature:5200K±300K


Shading Rendering Index:≥95


Light Brightness Range:10%~100%

Driven Beads Quantity:32

Task Temperature:- 10~50℃


Net Weight:30g
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USB cable Premium quality usb charging cable USB 3 in 1

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Product description

AmiDan Gadget House!

USB cable. AmiDan GH Multi premium quality usb charging cable. USB 3 out of 1 different nylon interlaced quick charging cable utilitarian sturdy speedy charge. Connector with usb type c cable, 8 stick lightning usb cable and smaller scale usb cable ports. Ideal for iPhone and Android kind of telephones.

Charging cable for iPhone and Android cell phones.

If you don't mind note! AmiDan GH cable is just charging cable. It was made solely for the reasons quick, high caliber, helpful charging of a few gadgets all the while or exclusively. We can not ensure that the cable is fit for exchanging information.

Perfect telephones for IPhone 7/6s/6/5s/5/IPad/IPod And Samsung, HTC, Nexus, Nokia, Sony, Meizu, OnePlus and Windows Smartphone/Tablets and more

Material : Nylon braided+ Aluminum Alloy

–°olor : Silver

Current : 2A

Weight : 55 g

Length :120 cm

Highlight : Two center, 100 pcs copper wire

Distance across : 0.08

Capacity : Charging

It underpins a wide range of most recent cell phones, cellphones and tablets. Exceptionally strong and impervious to harm. The most recent innovation permits concurrent energizing and utilizing to three gadgets, without loss of value. Enough with loads of wires! Quit looking and ask the neighbors! Enough to purchase a cable each time you purchase another gadget! We say : "STOP!!! NO MORE!!!" By obtaining our cable you take care of every one of these issues, spare time and cash! What's more, you are ensured a decent temperament and genuine feelings of serenity!

USB write c, apple lightning, small scale usb charging cable for a wide range of cell phones, cellphones, tablets, IOS and Android frameworks!

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Nonda USB-C to HDMI Adapter

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Item Description

nonda USB-C to HDMI connector enables you to associate a USB Type-C gadget to a HDTV/screen/projector with a HDMI port. It bolsters Ultra High-Definition video positions with determination up to 4K@60Hz. It's the world's first foldable USB-C to HDMI connector.

USB 3.1 Type C(Thunderbolt 3) Compatible Devices:

2017/2016 MacBook Pro

2015/2016 MacBook

Samsung Galaxy Note 8/S8/S8 Plus

Samsung Notebook 9 900X5L-K01

ChromeBook Pixel

HP EliteBook Folio G1

Dell XPS 13-9350-R1609 13.3", XPS 15

Asus GA-Z170X, Asus ZenBook UX390UAK

Extra Notes:

The connector works just with PCs with DP alt mode, not for USB-C cell phones (Except Samsung Galaxy Note 8/S8/S8 Plus) and tablets.

Bolstered resolutions and revive rates of the connector are totally reliant on the USB-C have gadgets and associated show determinations.

To achieve 4K@60Hz, the host gadget need to help at any rate DisplayPort variant 1.4 and the TV/Monitor/Projector need HDMI 2.0 port.

On the off chance that your PC bolsters 4K@60Hz, while your screen/TV just backings 4K@30Hz or 1080p, you can just yield 4K@30Hz or 1080p as opposed to 4K@60Hz

MacBook 12" does not bolster 4K@60Hz yield; it has a most extreme yield of 4K@30Hz

World's First Foldable USB-C Adapter

Minimized and smooth

2.1-inch estimate with foldable link

Fits impeccably in the additional space in a PC sleeve

No dangling and tangling

Radiant Durability

Dependable meshed link

Won't run hot under utilize

Works after it is dried out on the off chance that it gets wet

Low Temperature Injection Molding Technology

USB-C to HDMI Adapter

USB 3.1 Type C(Thunderbolt 3) port

HDMI 2.0 port

Driven Indicator

Backings 4K@60Hz

Determination up to 4096 x 2160@60Hz

Fresh and flash free video picture with no slack

Works with Original Apple Charging Cable

Composed in perfectly width to work with Apple charging link at the same time.
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