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Amber - A Watchcase Power Bank for Apple Watch - Gold

Amber - A Watchcase Power Bank for Apple Watch - Gold

BEAUTIFUL: Amber won an iF Design Reward 2016.

PROTECTIVE: Amber is great for travelling, It will safeguard your Apple Watch from any potential scratches within its beautiful case.

SIMPLE: Hassle free, no more untangling of wires as the charging cable stays tidily hidden within your Amber, just place your watch in the case.

 A POWER BANK: Amber has a 3800mAh battery. A fully charged Amber can charge Apple Watch 6 times, or charge your iPhone 6 once.

A DAILY CHARGER: Not only a power bank for on the go, it’s also designed as a daily charger, the built-in battery will not be damaged by being plugged in constantly. When it’s connected to a power source, Amber will continue to charge your Apple Watch, iPhone, and Amber itself directly through the external power supply.

Product description
How to remove Amber’s spool cover:

How to twine an Apple Watch charging cable in:

Apple …

LeveLok Ladder Permanet Mount Style Leveler (LL-STB-1AL)

LeveLok Ladder Permanet Mount Style Leveler 

Work safely on uneven ground. Extends a full 10.

Adapts to nearly any indoor or outdoor situation.

Meets or exceeds OSHA/ANSI requirements up to and including type 1AA (375lbs) ladders.

Triple plated pivoting foot with claw flips back for ice, snow, or gravel.

Fits aluminum, fiberglass, extension, combination, articulating, double sided step, sectional ladder.

Product description
LeveLok’s Permanent Mount System: Levelers are sold in pairs. These work well for individuals or companies who want a leveling system to become their ladders permanent, adjustable ladder feet. Each leveler leg has 3 treaded studs (5/16”dia.). Pre-installed on the back of the outer leveler leg. It takes about 15 minutes to install the pair. Fit most ladders up to 375lb Duty Rated. Extend 9-1/2” in 3/16” increments. Aircraft aluminum, stainless steel ratchets system & automatic, back-up safety lock. New shoe w/high grip rubber, nail-down holes & “all-position” …

Torch Coat Heater Wearable Heating Technology

Torch Coat Heater Wearable Heating Technology
About the product
First Removable Coat Heater- (patents pending). Torch is the world’s first portable winter jacket heater.

Battery Operated- Torch is a battery operated heater specifically designed to fit seamlessly inside your coat.

Up to 5 Hours Per Charge- Torch is fully rechargeable, with 4 heat settings and can keep you warm and happy for up to 5 hours on a single charge. Turn it on when you’re cold, and off when you’re working harder and your body is producing heat.
Enjoy Winter- Hunting, skiing, snowboarding, hiking, running, ice fishing, whatever you like to do outdoors. Instantly and easily transform your coat into a heated coat so you can go outdoors and enjoy the beauty of winter and stay warm the whole time.
Fits any Style Coat- Our heater comes with 3 installation kits so you can fit it in 3 jackets. All brands supported, North Face, Columbia, Peak Performance, Pacific Trail- we fit them all.

Product Description
Torch (Patent Pe…

Tiger Wrench TW-MC12/4 ONTEL 48 Tools In One Socket, Works with Spline Bolts, 6-Point, 12-Point, Torx, Square Damaged Bolts and Any Size Standard or Metric

Tiger Wrench TW-MC12/4 ONTEL 48 Tools In One Socket
Product description
The uniquely designed 48-in-1 socket wrench that instantly becomes the right tool for any job by simply clicking between the different sizes! You don’t need multiple socket wrenches or large tool kits, just swivel the head to find the right fit! The Tiger Wrench™ changes from one size to the next as fast as you can click the tool! The unique revolutionary tooth design allows you to do both standard and metric sizes- simply flip the tool around and you have more sizes! Unlike other wrenches, Tiger Wrench™ lets you work at a 45° angles! The Tiger Wrench™ is handy, convenient & saves you time! Tackle projects around the house, on the road, on the job, anywhere! This professional-grade tool is designed with 360° rotating head that quickly changes to the size you need. No more struggling to find the right-size socket head! No more lugging around heavy tool boxes. With this one wrench, take the guesswork out of your …

Shark IONFlex 2X DuoClean Cordless Ultra-Light Vacuum IF251

Shark IONFlex 2X DuoClean Cordless Ultra-Light Vacuum
Product description
The Shark ION Flex 2X provides the benefits of Duo Clean Technology with cordless convenience. Experience hassle-free run time with the 2X ION Power Pack System, which includes a second removable, rechargeable ION Power Pack lithium-ion battery, allowing you to vacuum while your second battery charges. Multiplex Technology provides flexible reach while cleaning and a freestanding park mode when you aren't: no need to lean your vacuum against a wall or put it on a wall mount. Interactive display features Smart Response Technology: with one push of a button, it adapts to a range of power settings tailored for carpets and floors. Easily converts to a cord-free hand vac for true floor-to-celling versatility on stairs, book shelves, cars, and hard-to-reach areas.

Hassle-Free Runtime: Convenient cleaning with 2X ION Power Pack System + MultiFLEX Technology.

2X ION Power Pack System includes 2 removable, rechargable…

iWALK Portable Charger Power Bank with Lightning Cable Built in, 3300mAh Cell Phone Power Bank Lightning Input/Output, Portable Phone Charger for iPhone 7,7 Plus, 6s, 6 Plus, SE, White

iWALK Portable Charger Power Bank

Lipstick Sized Design, Put in yur pocket,clutch bag or purse handbag ealiely as a mini emergency portable battery charger.

3300mAh is big enough to add almost 1.2 charge (6 hours talk time) to an iPhone 7, or about 0.8 charge to a iPhone 7 plus.

Built in lightning cable connector, just plug & charge, never bother with lightning charging cable again.

Power bank lightning input: Designed as iphone battery charger, not like regular power bank that is micro-USB input.

Pass-Through Technology: Charge your iphone while charging the power bank.

The New Generation of iPhone Battery Charger - ​ Pack Light & Travel Light.
As mini emergency portable battery charger,  it's special designed for iPhone & iPod.  Much smaller  than others but powerful to add your iphone around 1 charge .
Forget the brick sized cell phone power bank for the short trip, Put this iphone battery charger in your pocket or handbag ealiely.

Built-in Lightning Charging Plug
- 1…

Cubelets TWELVE robot blocks

Cubelets TWELVE robot blocks
About the product
Cubelets are a fast and easy way to inspire kids to become better thinkers
Includes two each of the Drive and Distance blocks and one each of Rotate, Flashlight, Brightness, Blocker, Inverse, Passive, Bluetooth, and Battery blocks
Two Brick Adapters allow for connection to your favorite brick-based construction kits
Battery Cubelet provides hours of continuous play. Micro-USB charging cable included.
Classroom-ready lesson plans, activities, and robot recipes to get started available online!

Thought-Provoking Robot Blocks
Cubelets are a fast and easy way to inspire kids to become better thinkers.
Cubelets robot blocks make robot building remarkably simple. There's no wrong way to build with Cubelets just snap the robot blocks together and see what robot behaviors emerge.3

Making With Magnets
With Cubelets, you can build delightful robots that respond to the world around them. Create a light-chasing robot or proximity-sensing flashlight.…